Cycling is increasingly becoming popular amongst a number of people who like to pedal their way to various destinations. More than just being a hobby, it is developing as an organized activity. If you are a cycling enthusiast, log on to the Richmond Cyclery Blog. The blog has interesting posts regarding cycling activities, posts by cyclists, cycling tips and many more. If you are a regular cyclist, the video is a must watch. The video focuses on the top 10 mistakes most cyclists make during their cycling tips. The video can help in avoiding those mistakes and can save you from a lot of hassle. It also lists the essentials every cyclist must carry while embarking on a cycling trip. This awesome post has been shared by our sports sponsor TR Sports Australia offering quality table tennis tables and pool tables for sale in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane online.

Cycling can at times seem to be an easy undertaking, but there are numerous mistakes that affect the newbies and the experienced cyclists alike. Fortunately, as much as mistakes provide the best learning experience, these mistakes can be easily avoided thus allowing you to become a better cyclist and improve your safety levels.

The threats posed by the numerous cycling mistakes are of varying magnitudes, and it is in the best interests of every cyclist that these mistakes are addressed to ensure cases of life-threatening injuries are reduced. Here is a list of the 10 most common cycling mistakes and the most efficient solutions to remedy the mistakes.

1.    Height of the saddle

The height of the saddle goes a long way in determining your comfort level while riding. In addition, the saddle height determines how well the power of your legs is delivered hence influencing the efficiency of the cyclist. To find out whether your saddle height is in the ideal position, you should be able to touch the ground with your toes while seated on the saddle.

2.    Braking at corners

Brakes which are expected to provide safety can at times be the cause of the mistakes if not properly put into use. Braking through corners puts the bike at an angle that causes the bike to lock itself leading to loss of balance which translates into crashing. To avoid such mistakes, be sure to apply the brakes when approaching a corner and not when going through it. This allows the bicycle to achieve the ideal speed that will enable you to negotiate the corner easily.

3.    Not understanding your limits

Most cyclists have a tendency of ‘biting more than they can chew’ thus endangering themselves in the process. This leads them to set lofty ambitions that they to achieve overnight. Well, ambitions are highly encouraged, but it takes small steps to achieve these ambitions. Therefore, it is important that cyclists learn how to ride within their abilities to avoid skipping any of the learning processes in cycling.

4.    Whimpering chain

Simple issues such as an unoiled chain cannot only cause embarrassment but also can contribute to the wear and tear of your bicycle. Besides, a whimpering chain can easily break thus causing loss of control when peddling. To avoid this, simply oil your chain to enjoy a great peddling experience.

5.    Grabbing brakes

For most cyclists, brakes are used as a tool to make impromptu stops. However, brakes should be used in a controlled and responsible manner to ensure your weight is evenly distributed to ensure the bike remains stable. For that reason, avoid suddenly grabbing the brakes and instead adopt a steady application of both the front and rear bikes with more emphasis on the front brake.

6.    Lack of spares

Numerous cyclists use their bikes to travel long distances. While undertaking long journeys with your bike, be sure to bring along several spare parts that will ensure you can handle any mechanical situation that may arise with your bike.

7.    Poor bicycle maintenance

The way you treat your bicycle will determine the type of performance that you will receive from it. Therefore, it is important that you conduct regular maintenance practices to enhance the performance of your bike on any terrain.

8.    Soft tyres

Soft tyres are those without treads, and thus they will not provide the appropriate stability on the road thus resulting in loss of stability. Ensure that you regularly check your tyres to determine their safety.

9.    Inappropriate clothing

Many are times when cyclists find themselves on the roads after dusk, but due to inappropriate clothing, motorists cannot easily identify them. In addition, weather changes have also affected the performance of cyclists thus putting their lives in danger. To remedy this, it is advisable that you always plan ahead before hitting the road.

10.    Wrong use of gears

Gears provide an opportunity for the rider to avoid using too much energy when on different terrains. Be sure to learn what gear suits you best to enable you to save some energy when on your bike.

Cycling mistakes can certainly be catastrophic. However, with the tips on how to avoid these mistakes, you can rest assured of an incredible experience whenever you set out on your bike!